Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pioneer Super Liner - The Last RV Adventure

I've been driving by a ranch that really catches my eye on my way to and from Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo (California). Yesterday, I dropped by to purchase local produce from the vegetable and fruit stand on the property. The person manning the stand allowed me to take pictures as he said that this location is a major attraction for artists and photographers. This is an old Pioneer Super Line trailer at 10660 Los Osos Valley Road in San Luis Obispo, California. I will plan to post more pictures over the next several days. (It turns out to be a controversial place - see link.)


Mulleh said...

Wow, i like this picture a lot! (: It looks so old! :) The colors are so nice as well :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing. As I am up past my bedtime I will return to check out the link.

RuneE said...

It seems to have been through a long life - no wonder it attracts photographers.