Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Big Sur Vibe

People talk about the special "Big Sur vibe." Ranger Aaron said to John and me the other day that people come to Big Sur to experience this vibe. After Aaron left, we asked ourselves what exactly is the Big Sur vibe.

Is it the ions that come from the flow of the river?

Is it all the oxygen that is released from the giant Redwoods (above) and their associated plant life (Redwood Sorrel below)?

There's also an abundance of poison oak in the park which as you see John has discovered (below). But could it be something from the poison oak that adds to the vibe?

Anyway, we intend to learn everything we can about this vibe. But already I find myself saying, "John, I really like it here. I feel good." He likes it too, even with the poison oak rash.


Helene said...

So far everything you're experiencing in Big Sur looks amazing! Too bad about the poison oak- unlike live, giant Redwood trees, I have seen more than enough of poison oak. ..and its rash is pretty annoying!. Have fun discovering those Big Sur Vibes!!! Love the pictures.

biebkriebels said...

Nice story, the Redwood trees are impressing. Never heard of a poison oak, doesn't look good to meet one. All the best with the vibes.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I think I understand the vibe. It's causing me to want to go to Big Sur...now! ;c)

Happy for you enjoying the new location. How long are you hosting there?

Karen and Al said...

I'm so sorry about the Poison Oak. I hope it doesn't spread. The pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! John, please try not to spread it.
Hoping for ease of pain and swift healing.

Beautiful scenery should help.

dot said...

I'm still lost and wondering what it is. lol. I always thought maybe it had something to do with surfing and the Beach Boys.

Poor John. Get him some calamine lotion.

Anonymous said...

"BIg sur vibe, poison oak", I've never know.
Take care, John.