Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dredging Equipment

John and I took a break from campground hosting and sat and watched these workers prepare their equipment for a major dredging job in the bay (Morro Bay).


Mulleh said...

Interesting. I wonder if they enjoy their job, looks like a boring job ? :]

Mimi said...

Very intriguing.

Nice blog, I love looking at others amazing photography!


parker said...

I don't know but it seems your photos with rust, cars, industrial scenes and such really stand out! But then again your softer themes as flowers, pets, hubby, do also! I'm sure not trying to define your preferences or style, just enjoying a very versatile photographer who certainly expresses herself thru the lens of her camera. I think my preference is rust, cars, junk and clutter. You are able to capture what is going on in your life! Very Nice.

Natural Spain said...

I agree parker about you

What is that pipe for? Is it for water to return to the river?