Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Stroll Around Cambria

This morning, John and I rose at the crack of dawn, fed and walked Gingee and Dakota, then piled into the Matrix and headed up to Cambria (California) to have breakfast with Rebecca and Ted (from Tucson). We ate at Linn's Eatery and Bakery. I had granola and milk along with my capucino. John had the Basic. Rebecca had french toast and Ted had polenta cakes.

Here's a link to a picture of Ted and Rebecca from Rebecca's facebook page. (John and Rebecca worked together at the Town of Marana just north of Tucson, Arizona.)

After our delightful breakfast and saying goodbye to our friends, we strolled around a bit. It turns out that Linn's has a Gourmet Goods shop, a Cafe, and several other stores closeby.

There is also The Bridge Street Inn youth hostel in Cambria that houses visitors from all over the world.

And of course, there are always lovely flowers in peoples quaint little yards.

I was excited to find that Cambria has a real English Tea House! Maybe I can talk John into going there with me before we leave the area!

Now we're back at Morro Strand Campground thinking about the things we need to do to be ready to move up to Big Sur in twelve days as we continue our RV adventure.


Picturit said...

Nice collection of images love the mild medium and hot photo. thanks for visiting my blog and yes the boat photo is one of mine ,glad you liked it. What is your new lens? Kev

Suzanne said...

Another great round of photos!

You mentioned once in a comment on my blog how much we had in common. You can add to that the Matrix. Best car ever - I can fit 4 greyhounds in it!

(Backcountry Photography)

Sandra said...

Wow! What an Exciting life.

Helene said...

Thanks for the tour!!!