Thursday, March 10, 2011

68/365 Simplicity

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is: Make a photograph of a beautiful simple shape, such as an egg, today. Utilize lighting and focus to make it sing.


While visiting friends in Sebastopol, California, this scene in their bathroom caught my eye. A simple blue bottle reflected in the mirror.


Valentina Gontier said...

pretty bottles!)

An English Shepherd said...

great picture :-)

parker said...

I believe that poised photos are a great learning tool. Point of focus on the inside lip of bottle makes a very well done photo!

Folhetim Cultural said...

Olá gostaria que visita se meu blog que é dedicado a cultura. Espero que goste nele tenho uma coluna poética aos sábados ás 09 da manhã espero poder contar com sua visita.

Sucesso em seu espaço.

Magno Oliveira
Twitter: @oliveirasmagno ou twitter/oliveirasmagno
Telefone: 55 11 61903992

Bob said...

Real pretty Shot!