Saturday, January 1, 2011

17/365 Something New

The Daily Shoot: Make a photo illustrating a fresh start, a new beginning, or the first step to a goal.

Today's photograhic challenge was difficult. How do you take a concept like a "new beginning" and show it in a photograph? I can see that I can spend time thinking about this challenge many times. What I decided to photograph was our new campground host location. Today was our first day in our space (we're the first one - The Jazz). I start to work on Monday and John goes off to his job. A new year, a new home base at Laguna Seca Recreation Area, a new volunteer opportunity and another step closer to our goal to live and work in a Central Coast California community that we will love. What might you have photographed?



great shot..and congrats on your new beginning!!!

parker said...

I believe this was the most relevant and important shot of the day! Every Day is a new beginning, but some are more significant than others!

New campground, new place for the Jazz, new hosting job, new scenery and photo opps., new choices for the New Year, YOUR PLATE OVER RUNNETH !!!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I think it is relevant and appropriate as the "new beginning". Congrats !


biebkriebels said...

Nice to see how the campground looks like, it is a new start isn't it? So the photo suits well.