Wednesday, December 29, 2010

15/365 Soft Light

The Daily Shoot: Make a photograph with as soft a light source as you can find or create.

 F/13, focal length 33 mm, 1/8 sec

I stopped at Marina Dunes State Beach (Marina, California) at sunset to take the above photo. I have never really thought about creating a digital photograph with "soft light." I interpreted that to mean to create a softer-looking picture which I thought could be achieved in the evening hours. Have you ever intentionally created a picture with a "soft light source"?

F/4, 70 mm, 1/45 sec

I included this picture from yesterday's shoot because it is composed of soft edges. It was taken during the last of the evening light through a wet windshield. What's your analysis?

1 comment:

Mikoyan said...

I like that first shot. The composition is pretty good. The second one....You should have used a tripod.